What are the advantages of the mobile applications of the WAY-Plan transport software?

Exchange of information between the drivers and the schedule

The WAY-D driver mobile application works with all smartphones. You can download it from the Apple or Android stores, or access it through the web.

An important point: the innovative technology used for the management application allows the recording of databases in the driver’s mobile. The driver can therefore access his schedule even without an internet connection! He will also be able to declare his mission times without being affected by the network quality level.

The exchange of information with the schedule is therefore fluid and two-way:

  • The driver receives his transport mission data and can indicate his progress in real time;
  • The passenger transport company collects information that will be used for the closing of its invoicing, as well as for the preparation of the payrolls or remuneration of its drivers.

Details and updates in real time

  • For airport transfers, the driver finds the flight status directly on his WAY-D application.
  • The “Notes to the driver” allow the operating agent to transmit precise information so that the driver can prepare the trip well: equipment to be provided (e.g. child seat), passenger preferences in the car, etc.
  • All elements declared by the driver: passenger waiting time, advanced charges for the passenger are transmitted in real time to the operating agent.

A driver application for tracking, but not only…

Data storage the driver mobile application allows not only to communicate but also to anticipate possible anomalies in the organization!

For example: an alert is triggered in the schedule, for any mission for which the driver does not indicate his departure in his management application, 1 hour before picking up his client… There is still time, if the driver has not fulfilled his obligations, to look for an alternative to guarantee the service.