What are the advantages of the WAY-Plan billing tools?

Transport billing software must adapt without hindering its users

The laws regarding passenger transport are numerous and in constant evolution. In fact, there are many specificities of the multiple statutes in force.

From a fiscal point of view, invoices are impacted by several parameters, including :

  • VAT rates, depending on the type of service offered. For example, packages and provision of personnel show different rates on invoices for personal transport than for transport services that can justify a journey.
  • The environmental laws also impose new constraints, such as the calculation of the amount of CO2 produced for each race carried out, according to its real mileage and according to the type of vehicle used … also to be displayed on your transport bills!

These are only a few examples, but the WAY-Plan invoicing software has the role of anticipating the changes to be produced on the edition of the invoices, and thus to bring real guarantees to its users.

Precision, modularity and quality of presentation: the ingredients to gain credibility with your customers


Adjust the valuation of missions as closely as possible to reality thanks to real-time data feedback from the driver application: expenses, time spent, mileage, etc.


Choose the invoice template that best suits the information you want to display. The WAY-Plan invoicing software allows to generate invoices with or without details in several formats, to ensure optimal readability for your customer!ient !


Enhance the value of services rendered by presenting billing data in a qualitative manner.